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Robbins Law Group provides legal guidance to pharmacies, retail stores and corporations, gas stations and convenience stores by navigating through the regulatory and compliance maze.

  • Are you flustered and clueless by all the regulations and laws you are required to comply with in order to run your gas station, pharmacy or retail convenience store?
  • Have you received a notice of violation from the EPA, DOT or DNR because you haven't complied with hazardous waste, recycling, biomedical waste, transportation, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, or storm water regulations?
  • Have you received a notice of violation from the Wisconsin DATCP for violating scanner accuracy, item pricing, minimum markup pricing, tobacco sales to minors or liquor sales to minors?
  • Has your gas station or company registered your underground storage tanks permit with Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services? Have you received a violation because your underground storage tanks did not pass inspections?
  • Do you know what it takes to keep your business licenses and permits in good standing with local and state agencies so you can continue to operate your pharmacy, gas station or retail convenience store?
  • Have you received a notice of violation for violating Wisconsin and USDA food stamp laws?
  • Do you know that throwing away expired over the counter products may violate Wisconsin and federal hazardous waste laws?
  • Do you have an employee suing your company for wage and hour, discrimination or harassment and you don't know how to defend your business?
  • Do you need a lawyer to help you with estate planning related to your business operations?
  • Are you tired of hiring lawyers with no expertise in the services you need, yet you're still paying the large firm legal fees?

You don't know the steps you need to take to comply with so many regulations?

That's what Robbins Law Group is here for- to help you solve your regulatory, compliance and business problems so you can spend more time running your company.

You feel confused about all the regulations and ordinances that affect your business?

You don't have to feel overwhelmed by keeping up with so many regulations to operate your gas station, pharmacy or retail convenience store. Robbins Law Group has the expertise to handle all your regulatory and compliance issues so you can sleep at night. Our firm knows how to get your business on track so you are in compliance with regulations that affect your business. Robbins Law Group has extensive experience in making sure big companies are compliant with laws and regulations that affect their business. Even big companies have the same issues as your business.

Our firm helps mid-size and smaller business owners who operate gas stations, pharmacies and retail convenience stores to achieve the same kind of compliance as large companies who can afford lawyers on their staff. Our firm is a small business too and we understand the legal concerns that affect your bottom line. In fact, we have experience dealing directly with inspectors and regulators and know what they are looking for when they expect and request additional compliance from your company.

Let us guide you through the regulatory and compliance maze that exists when you run a business.

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