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Wisconsin Gas Station Laws and Regulations

wisconsin gas station laws

Has your Wisconsin gas station received citations for violating minimum markup laws, pump accuracy or price gouging?

We can provide you with counsel to ensure future compliance related to these laws that affect Wisconsin gas stations and defend you against current violations.

Has your gas station properly registered the underground storage tanks located at your facility with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services?

pumping gas into underground storage tank

We can manage your licensing permits and renewals to make sure your permits don't lapse. In addition, our firm can defend your gas station if you did not pass a recent retail fuel safety inspection. Our group will develop a comprehensive compliance plan to ensure you are current with all state underground storage tank requirements.


Our firm will represent you in federal, state and local environmental law issues. Our firm has experience representing both Fortune 40 and small companies with EPA and state and local environmental issues. Moreover, we can assist you with developing preventative environmental compliance programs to avoid violations of non-compliance.