Legal counsel to retail stores and corporations

Mid-size and Small Business Legal Counsel

Are you currently a defendant in a lawsuit filed by your employee because they allege your company has violated wage and hour, OSHA, discrimination or harassment laws?

Our firm has several years of experience defending employers against these claims filed by current and former employees. In addition, Robbins Law Group offers proactive human resources and employment law solutions to avoid these employment concerns in the future.

Do you need a contract reviewed or drafted?

Contracts are essential when entering into business agreements with third parties. Protect your business and assets by allowing us to take a look at a contract you're about to enter or we can draft a contract from scratch for you.

Is your business family owned and you need estate planning services to protect personal and business interest?

Our group can provide you with the options to manage your estate. Robbins Law Group has experience with drafting wills and dealing with estate and probate issues.

Regulatory Compliance

Our firm has several years of experience defending large and small businesses against federal, state and local regulatory enforcement. Robbins Law Group defends clients in front of a variety of government agencies.


Do you need to protect your brand or logo with a trademark?

It's important for any company or marketing professional to legally protect their creative work with a trademark. Logos, symbols, designs and images distinguish your product or services from marketplace competitors. A trademark helps to prevent the unauthorized use of your creative work used to differentiate your products and services to consumers. Our firm will provide you legal advice for your proposed trademark and will guide you through the trademark application process with the United States Patent Office.

Employment Law

In addition to Ms. Robbins' years of employment law experience, she has a business and educational background in Human Resources Management. Robbins Law Group understands both your business human resources and legal needs. Robbins Law Group provides clients with knowledgeable and effective legal advice in all stages of employment law matters, while offering proactive legal and business solutions to meet your needs.

Robbins Law Group represents plaintiffs in all stages of employment matters. Our firm represents you in discussions with your employer and in hearings to ensure fairness and justice. Robbins Law Group makes sure your concerns are heard and attained.

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • FMLA
  • Wage and Hour Law
  • Executive and Professional Representation

Business Law and Contracts

There are many types of companies and organizations. Robbins Law Group understands each company and organization is unique and provides specialized services to meet company goals and objectives. Robbins Law Group offers the following services:

  • Business Formations
  • Outside General Counsel Services
  • Contract Negotiations and Management
  • Proactive Business Solutions
  • Regulatory/Municipal

Managing Attorney and Owner Nicole Robbins has several years of experience representing a Fortune 40 corporation in regulatory matters in federal, state and local jurisdictions. Ms. Robbins' expertise in various areas of regulatory and municipal law effectively serves clients. Robbins Law Group represents your interest in regulatory settlement negotiations and hearings.

Nonprofit Legal Services

A variety of nonprofit organizations directly impact their local, state and national communities. These organizations serve different purposes and are beneficial to individual, community and economic development. Robbins Law Group understands each organization is unique and our firm provides specialized services to meet organization goals and objectives. Robbins Law Group offers the following services:

  • Nonprofit Formations and Tax Treatment
  • Outside General Counsel Services
  • Bid/Contract Negotiations and Management
  • Proactive Organization Solutions, Employment Law and Benefits, Liability Considerations
  • Regulatory / Municipal Compliance

Estate Planning Services

Robbins Law Group will provide you with cost-effective and straightforward services such as will drafting, marital property agreements and other estate planning services.