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received a wi state violation note

Has your company received a notice of violation from a federal, state or local agency?

Our firm represents companies like yours at administrative hearings and defends your business' interest in front of regulators. A government agency who issues your fine(s) may be open to a settlement depending on each situation, especially if your business has a firm compliance plan to reflect future legal compliance in place.

Are you aware of all the requirements to maintain your licenses and permits in good standing?

It can be relatively easy to obtain some business licenses and permits to run your company. The issues with those license and permits occur when a company has to comply with all of the regulations necessary to run your business. Robbins Law Group will guide you through the annual requirements, make sure you are complying with those requirements and will conduct a semi-annual regulatory compliance checkup to make sure you are in compliance with all the necessary regulations on a proactive basis.

Do you know about all of the laws that affect the products and services you offer for sale to your customers?

Robbins Law Group has expertise in representing gas stations, pharmacies and retail convenience stores and understands how the inventory on your shelves may cause you legal trouble if you don't know how to comply with the laws that go along with selling those products. Our firm has experience in handling food and over the counter product recalls in case the goods you purchase from manufacturers violate laws that affect your customers. Some service providers have to comply with regulations at the federal, state and local level as well. Our firm will guide you through the regulatory compliance required to offer your services to the public.

Are you looking for a service you don't see here?

Robbins Law Group drafts and provides legal guidance on employee handbooks and policies, business formation documents, operating agreements, by laws, subcontractor agreement, vendor and distribution contract review and other related business documents. Contact us for more information.

Virtual Legal Services

Our group provides the same comprehensive legal services to pharmacies, gas stations and retail convenience stores in person and virtually. We strive to accomodate our clients' busy schedules and needs by offering a secure, convenient and accessible portal to provide you virtual legal services.

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